Airdrop Cards

Airdrop fun with strangers

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Just for fun, hacked together by the team at Proper after a few Friday beers. Airdrop some laughs to strangers on your commute and watch the fun unfold. We'll add cards every few days to keep things interesting!
Ha! I shall try these.. you're either going to come off as a total weirdo or spark an interesting conversation. Does the receiving person see your name and photo or just phone number if you're not one of their contacts?
@joedeliame all the recipient will see is your iPhone 'alias' which you can control within iOS settings general > about. It's up to you how much you want to reveal ;)
Haha, nice cards) I like the one with Tinder ;D
@perpetuous enjoy, we're just getting started 😉
Cute idea! Love it.
this is so fun