Earn.com Airdrops  are  a new way for blockchain entrepreneurs to give 100,000+ Earn.com users a free trial of any new coin or token. Receive Airdrops by signing up at Earn.com, or send out an Airdrop for your token by contacting sales@earn.com.

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Hi everyone, The Earn.com Airdrop is a new product which allows any new blockchain project, coin, or token to instantly bootstrap their community by mass messaging up to 100,000 Earn.com users at a time. Senders can use Airdrops to simply give away new tokens, or they can require early adopters to earn their tokens by doing various tasks — like inviting other users, performing labor for the projects, or giving back in other ways. And users can participate in Earn.com Airdrops by simply signing up and getting verified at Earn.com. As background, at Earn.com we’ve already helped 100+ projects like Etherparty, Blockstack, and Icon find buyers for their new coins and tokens. These projects have gone on to sell more than $750M in digital assets. With Airdrops, we’re opening up a second way for blockchain startups to find early adopters: large scale free trials of small amounts of coins or tokens, allowing prospective buyers to “try before they buy” and enabling users to experience the utility of the new blockchain project first hand. Our first Airdrop will be happening over the next few days for CanYa, a blockchain-powered marketplace of services. The next batch of Airdrops will be for Bloom, Bee Token, and Vezt. To be eligible for these Airdrops, just go sign up and get verified at Earn.com! Different senders have different criteria, but a complete profile always helps.
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@balajis great addition to Earn. Lets hope I can get verified in time.
@balajis as someone bootstrapping a crypto side project, this is great to see! I just sent you and the team a message to look into it for Peerkey. Do you have specific project requirements and/or what is the vetting process like out of curiosity?
@balajis This product looks revolutionary! I like it. Be sure to check out our tool, it will be very interesting to you. https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
I had airdrop since iOS 7...
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@balajis interesting take on the classic airdrop. Are you focused only on ERC-20 tokens right now, and do you plan to expand to other types of coins/tokens? - What kind of diligence are you doing on the teams that you allow to Airdrop through Earn? - I find your wording of airdrops as a "free trial"/"try before you buy" very interesting. I think a lot about how to explain blockchain to people who aren't familiar with the concepts, so I tend to read too much into wording, but this seems like a phrase that hasn't been used to describe airdrops before. Was this something you thought a lot about in trying to make it relatable, or am I making too much out of nothing here? - I really like the idea that teams can require users to complete certain actions before getting an airdrop. This is a smart way to get people more involved and likely to interact with the ecosystem before dropping them some tokens.
@nneuman Hi Nick. Quick answers: 1) We're looking for quality projects in general. No set checklist at the present time, but all the standard signals you'd use to look for a reasonable token. 2) Yeah, we think that language -- "free trial", "try before you buy", and also "pay to install" -- is good because it maps back to proven concepts that people already know. We did put some thought into it and I'm glad someone noticed! :) 3) Yep -- the airdrop doesn't have to be completely unconditional. A little mini-tutorial can help give a sense of what your project does. This is almost the next step after freemium -- you actually pay the user a little bit to try out your new blockchain project. You're splitting the cost of customer acquisition with the customer.
Great idea! It seems like Earn is turning into a powerful marketing engine for new crypto projects to raise awareness and get distribution for their tokens. Though the idea of "trialing" a token seems a bit strange today as the majority of tokens don't yet provide the utility they promise :)
Balaji and his team been the most respected folks in the space for many years. If they give you the chance to be part of earn's airdrop platform this is a good opportunity that you shouldn't shy away from. In a space that has scamesters overdose, platforms like this gives a needed sanity for high quality projects and genuine blockchain founders. Way to go.