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Allows for simple file transfers, reading and composing text messages, checking call logs and notifications from all apps, including those it doesn’t support natively. Lets you see and control your Android device right on your desktop, using your mouse to tap on buttons and fields and your keyboard to type. This means that you can respond to WhatsApp messages from your PC, without having to pick up your phone. However, you’ll need to have rooted your device for this to work. Google will be acquiring them soon :P
@kwdinc seriously? Google will acquire them? What a SOAB google is somethimes
Product Hunt Hug of Death. [edit - aaaand it's back]
Using it all the time!
Great product, similar to Pushbullet but way better UX and more features! My credits to the team!
UX looks lice. Added pushbullet and mightytext as related links. Kind of similar products