Airdog 2

All-terrain, camera drone that follows you in action

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I would really love a follow-drone. They're the one bit of tech I don't *need*, but definitely want. I don't use my GoPro enough, but i would definitely use this when out walking or running in the mountains.
@neilcocker almost all major drones have follow features these days!
@prestonattebery Well, that's something I've learned today! :-)
As a kiteboarder and snowboarder, I really do enjoy those videos. The first AD was alright but lacked ability to "Not control it" in the flight (where and how it moves) and "Control it" before the flight (where should it move, what should it avoid). Both of my issues have been addressed in this one.
Can someone explain the difference between an "all-terrain" drone and a normal drone? Looks like an awesome drone (esp for outdoorsy/athletic people), but curious if "all-terrain" entails something I'm totally missing.
@nickabouzeid Drones that rely on computer vision or GPS alone can not do a good job following in varying terrain, lacks precision. The ADII fuses data from barometric air pressure sensors, accelerometers and GPS. Distance sensor is another essential piece of technology to make something work in varying terrain conditions. It runs real time analysis of actual distance above the ground relative to pre-set distance above the subject being tracked. Terrain under the drone might be very different than the terrain you are on.
Amazing demo video! But $1500 without a camera? DJI gonna eat your lunch. Also curious why go on Kickstarter if it's shipping in ~30 days? Tech products on KS (especially drones) have a really bad stigma these days.
@mzuvella Giving back to the community that made Airdog I and the company in general possible is the reason. For sure the vibe you are mentioning is there, but like in friendship you hold on to it though good and bad times I guess...:)
@mzuvella why not go on kickstarter? The worst that can happen is you don't meet a goal (could be bad, esp if you're trying to impress investors). Best case you get a lot of sales in 30 days!
@daveaseeman I guess. The 'free loan' angle by holding all the funds for x days must be more valuable then I'm aware of
@mzuvella that and if done well it can give you a little bump in PR as well, which doesn't hurt.
Can they deliver? The Lily Drone couldn't.
@gavid_dold The ADII is a successor of Airdog I. We shipped thousands of those. Mass production test batch of 40 units was already produced. The first batch of 250 units is in production.
@agriskipurs shows me for not doing my diligence. That's amazing!
@agriskipurs Looking forward to seeing this
@gavid_dold The AirDog team is one of the hardest working and diligent teams I've seen in the drone industry outside the DJI huge teams. Against all odds they've built an incredible teem, culture, and product. Awesome product that works very well and i'm beyond excited for the ADII and beyond :-)