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Aircrud makes it simple to build, publish, and manage custom dashboards and internal tools. Drag & drop ready-made components to build pages, wire them up with API calls and Javascript, then publish them to your team.

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Hi Product Hunt! Aircrud lets you build custom internal tools in minutes, not months. We've seen so many startups and companies invest tons of time and energy into building and maintaining their own custom dashboards and tools. They always seem to have a horrible UX, and they're always a huge distraction from your main priority—building your product. We're building Aircrud to solve this problem. Drag and drop pages using a nicely designed set of components, then just copy and paste your API details to bring your pages to life. In minutes you can have a beautifully designed dashboard that helps you visualize and edit the data in your database, without installing or hosting anything. Try out the demo dashboard on the home page, and let me know if you have any questions!
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@jpprewit I value the internal dashboard service you've made. I went through the example workbook, and I have some suggestions. I may have missed if these features exist. If you covered them, then please tell me where and I'll go back and review it again. 0. The demo/example workbook has a broken link when it asks you to fill in a JSON schema: Describe your API payload using the [[JSON Schema|]] spec to enable a form-based payload editor. The examples page doesn't currently exist. 1. Make the example workbook a fill in the blank exercise with a working dashboard at the end. 1.0 Upon example completion, a customer should now have a page that can publish and store up to X users for Y hours. 1.1 Give the schema to add users and details. Similarly for any others necessary in the example. 1.2 Give the schema's source (or where to find one similar). 1.3 Give a list of APIs for quick publishing (not just echoing) and ones that they can pay for (monetize the link referral). 2. Explain a working example in a fully encapsulated way. 2.0 I admit I have limited knowledge of API offerings, I had to look up REQ|RES and understand their service. I found Postman along the way as well. 3. While perhaps out of your initial scope, make slight UI changes for a team of technical and non-technical people. 3.0 User story: I want this product to support myself and a salesperson, who knows just enough to login to facebook and use simple ERMs. 3.0.0 In general, suppose the dev will do the setup, but both the dev and the salesman will be users. 3.1 The dashboard itself could have two possible views, 3.1.0 The develop view: stays the same 3.1.1 The non-tech view: hide API and schema editing buttons by default. Imagine giving this to a form filling excel person The same person that would rather spend $200 then having to learn a new software tool 3.2 Think of other stuff that might easily facilitate, and not "scare," sales/business people using the dashboard 3.2.0 I'm not saying cater to them primarily, think of them as secondary users 3.2.1 You don't have to make a server-side state for the views: offer a menu item as a toggle. 3.2.2 If you do keep track of it, teams can help prepare non-tech teammates to use the tool in a faster way with view settings based on user type. I value 5-10 minute examples/demos with each step explained and dead simple. Your example is great (as is the persistent demo on your landing page) but would shine if I walked away thinking, "I only need to do X, Y, Z and I already know how." I also like the idea that these demos can help me learn about both your product and ones that can work with your stuff. I hope to use your product in the future though; I see the value offered and it may become an essential tool for my business. I wouldn't spend an hour on it and writing these suggestions otherwise! Good luck! Edit: I noticed your front page demo has a persistent state tied to firebase. You could go through how to add that in the example workbook. I may have gone off the rails in your example workbook and never saw the remainder, though I tried to reinitiate the tutorial process and I can't quite figure out if it's possible currently.
@jpprewit A thought for how to provide a temporary data-store in the example workbook: maintain a client-side dictionary of HTTP post events. Continue to use services like reqres or, but transform the HTTP get requests to include the data in the post dictionary. As your initial audience probably consists of developers, you can explain this and add a small box showing the transform under the normal get request if they use reqres or mocky. I would still suggest doing a link monetization for other paid API service providers though. You could also find an API provider that does the temporary server-side data store. I've used similar providers but they disable posting anonymously.
@jacl Wow, thanks for taking the time to review the product and offer your thoughts in such detail. It's been so valuable to hear your thoughts! I think you're absolutely right that much could be done to improve the on boarding experience, and I like your idea of walking the user through composing a workbook. I'm also planning to add a "docs" section to the site to provide more insight into exactly how to build your pages (it's really really simple, but it's hard to communicate that without showing how). I also think you're correct about making it easy to use for technical and non-technical people. I'm working on a "Teams" feature that will allow you to more explicitly invite users with different roles ("Viewers", for example, will not see any of the editing features at all, so it'll feel like using a normal admin dashboard). Thanks again for taking the time and providing all this helpful feedback! I'll be sure to reach out as we ship new stuff!
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@jpprewit Please do! I've had the tech/non-tech use case in my head for a while. An easy and professional relationship requires effort to maintain, this product helps by relieving some of that effort. A request: provide a dark theme or a theme selector/uploader. Thanks, hope all goes well!
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