Your browser is the console. Your smartphone is the gamepad.

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I'm the founder of N-Dream AG, the company behind AirConsole. We're excited to give early access to Product Hunt (exclusive link will be posted soon, stay tuned). We are here to answer your questions and get your feedback. The idea behind AirConsole is to bring true social gaming back to life: People that play games in the same room and have real social interaction and most importantly tons of fun. AirConsole enables users to play multiplayer games with their smartphones as the controller and a browser as their big screen, without the requirement of downloading apps, joining a specific WIFI network or buying new hardware. It's all in the cloud. Enjoy!
Early access to AirConsole is now working! :-)
wow, it's incredible what you can do nowadays in a browser. We just burnt an hour at the office playing some of these games :) sometimes there was a little bit of lag, maybe due to our wifi, and we couldn't find how to get out of a game, other than closing the window and starting again. Kudos!!
Great Feedback! We were amazed ourselves when got the first prototype running in the browser back in February. Re Latency: Our game servers are running on Google Cloud Compute Infrastructure. We are running in all available datacenters to be as close to the user as possible to reduce the latency. Sending all our commands through the cloud allows us to make everything browser based, without any setup required, like downloading apps, connecting bluetooth or joining specific WIFI networks. We'll try to improve it even further later this year by introducing WebRTC. Many of our games try to make up for the controller latency by adjusting the position of the player to where they would have been without the lag (Quickminds, AirShields, Hitparade). Re Navigation: To get out of the game you can just hit the AirConsole logo on the controller which will take you back to the store. Thanks for the feedback, let me know if you find any other issues or non-intuitive behaviour. Cheers, -Andrin
Just had a play with a colleague at work now - it was seamless and easy to enjoy. Really surprised a the great quality of the games as well! Might be worth posting this on the tech bit of Product hunt as well :)