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#1 Product of the WeekMarch 10, 2014

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@Aircall allows you to buy a phone number in 40 countries and to manage all your business call easily. Also, @OlivierPailhes is the co-founder and CEO and he would be happy to answer all your questions and give you access to the beta.
Welcome, @mvaxelaire and @ojaouen! Love the clear messaging and simplicity of your landing page. I couldn't find any information about your pricing though. Care to share?
Hi Ryan, we are still fine-tuning the pricing but we do share our thoughts with our onboarders to get their feedback after seeing the product... Do you wanna onboard to know more? :-)
We use it for Algolia and it has been great so far!
@Olivierpailhes - gotcha! TBH, I don't have a use for business phone calls myself (I try to avoid the phone when I can), although I can see how it would be very useful for some businesses. Simply having a phone number on the site can make it more trustworthy for some visitors.