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#4 Product of the DayJune 16, 2016
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Hello! we're very excited to announce our release of Aircall on the iOS App store and on the Android Play Store. You can now use Aircall right from your mobile and use as many professional numbers as you'd like on your existing smartphone (adios professional mobile phone!). Our iOS and Android Apps let you collaborate with your teammates on calls and dial out from any of your number. We'll be adding a lot of new features in the coming months :) Note: You can download the app on your smartphone but you'll need to create a (free) aircall account on to choose and activate your business numbers, set up your integrations with Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc, and invite your teammates to share numbers within your teams.
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@olivierpailhes Looks like a killer product!! You have Uber's logo on the site, do you mind saying what they use you for? I ask because there is another company saying Uber uses their phone system.
@jnjr They use us for their driver hotline is various cities. Cheers!
@olivierpailhes very 😎 thanks for the reply
@olivierpailhes Do you have plans to expand to India (local number/toll-free)? Would love to migrate.
We've been using Aircall for several months at Pin Payments. Has been a huge help as we've moved offices and expanded, helping us avoid complex and expensive corporate Cisco network pain. They're also on Zapier, which has been helpful for us plugging them into apps like Helpscout and Pipedrive.
Awesome team = Awesome product!
Killer team 'n awesome product!
looks like a great product.. will try this.