Online encrypted documents

With Airborn, you can create and edit documents online without sacrificing your privacy.

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Hey! Founder here. Airborn is an alternative to Google Docs that keeps your documents completely private. All your documents are encrypted before they even leave your browser, so even we can't read them, can't advertise based on what you write, etc. Please give it a try:
Any option to share the document with team members?
@kleaklass Yes! You can collaborate in real-time on documents. Your team members don't even need an account. You can also publish documents.
Interesting concept for sure... really cool... One question: you are bootstrapping this, right?
@exlemor Yes. No funding so far.
@twisstle I was asking as nicely as I could ;) because the visuals/UI/UX for the website and demo are in real need of help. I think it will be tough to find funding until some of that is improved. But I wish you the best of luck... (hug) I realize it's not easy.
@exlemor Hahaha, I appreciate your honest opinion. To my eye, it looks fine, but Airborn OS is very much optimized for 1. security, 2. performance, 3. functionality, 4. some other things, and 5. visuals. For example, the background images are tiny and fast to generate (the background in the demo and after logging in cycles through different color combinations), but not optimally beautiful. Would you mind pointing to some specific things in UX/visuals that should be improved?
@twisstle Hi Daniel,... On the Website: 1. those 3 small images are grainy, hard to read/understand what they are and look old. 2. there is a poor use of the massive blank space you have around those 3 columns 3. the site / template used is not full responsive In the Demo: 1a. the icons on the left are humm dreadful ;) (sorry but they look really out of date for a modern SaaS 1b. the text is so large, it gets cut off so you don't really know what items are... 2. Too many sizes/types/styles of fonts especially for the little text that there is - very distracting and makes it hard to understand what's important 3. The Sandwich Menu has weird gradient [gradients are rarely used these days especially in that form. 4. If you create multiple 'Tabs', you can't get rid of one individually, you can only close the window and re-open it and it recreates the default one... 5. If a document is open, you are forced to use the Scrollbar if you want to see the bottom part of the page, can't use the mouse pad to scroll, it moves the entire interface :( ------ I could go on but I think that will be a good start. Best of luck (hug)...
@exlemor Thanks a lot for the feedback! We've updated the website. Hope you think it's a step in the right direction :)