Airbnb Official API

Develop your application for millions of travelers & hosts

The Official Airbnb API allows external applications to securely Oauth into new and existing Airbnb accounts, granting the ability to push updates to content, rates, and availability and to get back messaging and reservation details, allowing applications to build custom workflows and create amazing experiences for our shared customers.

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This could get really interesting as more homes are smart. Imagine the possibilities of what hosts could automate for their guests with a connected TV, door, heating system, fridge, etc.
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@rrhoover anything that wouldn't already be possible with the existing calendar feed?
It is a shame to see startups succeed and then forget what it is like to be a startup. Seeing this new api and then a few weeks ago the affiliate program only being available to large customers (1M+ monthly users) is frustrating to see. It is too bad that AirBnb has forgotten their young hacking roots where this type of API could help create new products/services/companies, but instead they chose to reinforce the stronghold that the juggernauts of the industry already have by making it exclusively available to them.
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Couldn't Resist - @airbnb is using Google Forms to collect API requester's details on #LEAN
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@airbnb @sainathkm Google won't poach those leads? :\
After years teasing developers, Airbnb has finally announced its Official API! The documentation is not publicly available and only approved partners can get access to it, as Airbnb wants to maintain a tight control over the quality of the applications that get created. But this is still a huge step forwards, as approved developers will not have to rely anymore on hacks and exploitation of the private API to create quality applications... I personally know hundreds of people that were waiting for this, I'm looking forwards to seeing a lot of great products following this announcement ๐Ÿš€
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