Airbnb Luxe offers pristine, expertly designed homes with luxury amenities, services, and a dedicated trip designer.
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Woah, don't know if I could ever justify $1000 a night but I know a lot of others would, these homes look insane
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@aaronoleary next Product Hunt team offsite if we crush our goals. 😍
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@rrhoover Now thats some motivation right there!
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@rrhoover @aaronoleary I did see some reasonably priced $300-500 Luxe places in LA, but that would mean the whole PH team would be on top of each other in a 3 BD / 2 BA place–and I want you to hit those BHAGs!
Life Goals: to order Airbnb Luxe
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@baidoct Some are super reasonable, esp the ones in other counties. I was looking at the ones in Bali, and they seem fairly priced surprisingly.
@baidoct @bluetidepro define "super reasonable" 😅
@baidoct @anna_0x Haha A few hundred a night is super reasonable for a luxury experience, in my opinion. There was some in Bali that were only like $200-300 a night.
OMG. Just what I need. The perfect Vacay.
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Perfect release at the perfect time. A product built for the 1% to take vacations. I'd like to built my own version of Airbnb without the commissions.
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@cameronjroe Why don't you then?
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@drewmeyers Want to help me raise a seed round?
@cameronjroe I worked on for awhile.. the business model is a real challenge though. How do you make it sustainable?
That tagline is genius. They basically reversed Airbnb purpose which is to find a home at every destination.
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