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Airbnb is becoming more of a lifestyle brand and company, about more than just shelter. I find Airbnb's more exciting and interesting to stay in over hotels and this new direction also helps tourists not feel like tourists. More details in @jessicaplautz's Mashable article. The app was just announced and should be released any minute now.
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@rrhoover @jessicaplautz Open your eyes, TripAdvisor ;)
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@rrhoover @jessicaplautz We'll see if the implementation works and if the platform gets users on both sides, but they've got one thing right: my motivation as a traveler is definitely to experience new places as if I was a local, and other travel resources don't quite get me there.
@rrhoover @jessicaplautz this is great. I lived in South America during december via AirBnB, and my host left us with a guide book he's manually been building like this. It totally changed my stay.
Hey everyone, I'm one of the designers of the project. We designed and built this new experience just in months for iPhone, Androids and tablets. One of the key things was we created design system which both exists in the design files, as well in the code. This allows us a robust and controlled way to build and design the app in the future to multiple platforms and device sizes. We are also rolling this out partially, so you might not see the new experience just today.
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@karrisaarinen Well done. What're you calling the design system, and does it output xcode importable files?
@karrisaarinen Would love to see a blog post about this and how you implemented. Especially important with the popularity of React Native.
@tompjacobs thanks! it doesn't automatically output xcode files. We are looking in to better tooling, but currently we have a master Sketch file, that includes all the components. The same set of components, with same definitions, sizing and styling, exists in iOS and Android platforms. Designers create their designs by dragging and dropping these components from the master Sketch file, and when the design is ready, you can just tell to the engineers to use this X, Y, Z component to visually build the view. When we want to change or add new components, we design them first and work together with the engineers. When we feel like the design is done, we update the design files, and the engineering team builds the component on iOS and Android. After that the all the components again exits in the code, and be used by many teams.
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@karrisaarinen how do you maintain sanity with protecting and updating the file? We tried to use Git for a similar system.
@nipponese We use git/github currently. We make the design changes to the Sketch file, create new branch, and submit a pull request with attached changelog. We also have a script (just cmdline sketchtool) that exports all the component artboards as PNG's that are also added with the new design files. That way you can see which artboards/components have changed, and can use the github image tools to compare them to the previous version.
There have been many, many attempts at providing an alternative to TripAdvisor based on interests. The thing most everyone battles with (including us when we tried in 2013) is scale and incentives to create content. And, of course, without content there's no way you'll ever get the traveler side of the equation. AirBnB has a large community of engaged hosts already producing all this content as part of advertising their homes/rooms, and thus a much larger incentive. They just need to package that content in the right way, and repurpose it in a new app -- I'm anxious to see the product once it's available.
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@drewmeyers 100% true..good stuff. lol i ran into two of your comments back to back, last one was on grabr
Oh wow. This can take nomadic living to a whole new level.
@lucylzhao @rrhoover definitely! Right now many people use Nomad List for many of these objectives. But all built into the Airbnb community? Game changer.
@lucylzhao I agree, Airbnb integrating such functionality along with other companies like remoteyear.com understand that designing for a nomadic future is where the puck will be.
Excited to experience this. Right now I rely heavily on Foursquare for local tips, but using the knowledge of hosts that actually live in a place you want to explore will really enrich travel.