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This is incredibly smart. Love this use case of the iMessage platform!
This is a great step for @Airbnb. I remember using them just on desktop when I was traveling in Europe in 2013, so it's amazing at how much more integrated this will make them for my next trip. This iMessage integration is particularly clever because it facilitates the experience of traveling with another person, and can centralize the work of looking for a place to stay on the fly. Additionally, I wonder how intriguing it would be if Airbnb were to partner with another travel app like @Hopper, which helps people find cheap flights. It seems like a natural marriage, especially within the context of iMessaging capabilities. If Airbnb could centralize both the travel (to the destination) and the lodging (at the destination), it could really begin to take on more full-stacked travel sites like Expedia.
@adammarx13 @sco @sond813 @isaaclimdc @michelle_morris @airbnb @hopper @opentable @Uber Actually I discussed about the same idea here: https://medium.com/a-data-driven... Quick version: Airbnb with a partnership among Hopper, Uber and Opentable, they could control the amazingly Global Business Travel Market covering all functions at the same time. This could be executed by stage. From my perspective: Airbnb + Hopper could be very valuable for end-users. Then, it could come the partnership with Opentable and Uber (specially Uber for Business, when you can book a ride with 24 hours in advance).
Guys, thanks for your work and for sharing your insights. I think a lot about how apps can organically integrate into group threads, so your post is really inspiring.
Thanks for hunting us @chrismessina Always great to see everyone's feedback here! We started working on the Airbnb iMessage app to create an easy way to share and plan trips, and we're excited to be shipping it to everyone today! Let us know what you think!
The blog post has some great (and generously shared) insights....nice job!