Airbnb for Apple Watch

You can now Airbnb from your Apple Watch

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For perspective/background - a super post from their -always great- blog on the making of the app:
Love this. Airbnb leading the charge technologically, as usual. Can't wait to book my first place through the watch!
Receiving (and maybe sending, *maybe*) messages from a potential guest would be useful but I already have those being sent via SMS so I get notified on my Apple Watch already. Plus, crafting a response back to a guest is an important part of the process to ensure that trust and credibility are built - both ways. I wouldn't want to leave that to the baffling inaccurate dictation of the Apple Watch. Looking for an AirBnB place to stay on your watch is just downright ridiculous. When it comes to the watch, less is more. I'm sure they've done a great job but it's just not necessary to put on your wrist.
@joshuapinter "Looking for an AirBnB place to stay on your watch is just downright ridiculous." Which is why they didn't go that route. Replies to guests could be problematic if dictation is inaccurate, but they integrated with the watch' suggested replies so you can respond to common questions like "what is the wifi password?" With a tap. Think they did nicely thinking through common use cases the watch should handle.
@eric3000 "they didn't go that route." One of the screenshot bundles shows the person searching for places to stay in New York on the Apple Watch...
@joshuapinter I have it up in my wrist right now. The only thing I can do (as a guest) is check and respond to my messages