Airbnb Concerts is a selection of unique live performances, an expansion of the Airbnb Experiences platform.

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While Airbnb Plus got most of the attention at Airbnb's big event earlier in the week, I'm personally more excited about this as someone that enjoys going to concerts. Me and @suzywillow went to one Airbnb Experience live performance in Golden Gate Park. While it wasn't my favorite style of music (rock/pop), it was certainly different, hosted on a water dock with ~40 other people. Fun fact: Amazon (semi-quietly) launched their own live concert platform. Amazon seems to compete with everyone.
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@suzywillow @rrhoover If Amazon is so overeating it will soon burst
@suzywillow @rrhoover I went to one of those, but for Jazz, in the boathouse.
@suzywillow @rrhoover This is one of the most interesting music-related releases in a while (and I'm including all the streaming companies) precisely because it underscores two things which I have long believed to be true: 1) That the independent music world will continue to explode at an exponential rate and become even more key to the live music paradigm, and 2) That the live-music paradigm will evolve and take on a whole new focal (albeit arguably separate) role in the age of streaming Perhaps the most intriguing thing to me about this whole release is that it points to an expansive view of music, rather than a restrictive one. By that I mean that it's not just streaming or music companies who can get into the live-music paradigm; now, hospitality companies like Airbnb can take a slice too. This is a clever release from @bchesky because it has the potential to increase Airbnb's bottom line without requiring them to get into the royalty game. Conversely, if I were running a streaming-focused company, this would worry me somewhat. Especially with Spotify's direct listing coming up soon, this is a perfect example of someone else attempting to eat a big piece of their prospective lunch. If companies don't need to be streaming/royalty companies to get into the live-music universe, then that means increased competition while your competitors don't need to pay the same permanent overhead (royalties). To a large extent, it highlights some of the points I made in this article a couple years ago re: @fredwilson's talk at @LAUNCH. Will be interesting to see how this evolves and affects the music landscape in both the short and long-term.
@suzywillow @rrhoover FYI: "Amazon Tickets will soon stop selling tickets. Some events will still be available for sale on the website for a short period of time. Tickets you have already purchased are not affected by this change. No action is required on your part."
What a shoe!
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@mateo_wsep I am a shoe in to use this
@mateo_wsep haha, typo in the tagline fixed! πŸ˜…
I would love to see the same thing happening for stand up comedy 😬!
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Interesting- feels like they should acquire Sofar, and simply host the events in unique host properties.
@dshan Yep, looks like the natural move for Airbnb
I've been going to shows for years...I think they host shows in over 360 cities now! Their mission, team and vision is incredible too. I really hope airbnb doesn't muscle them out of the market!
@seancrowe5 Last year Airbnb & Sofar sounds were partnering. I wonder if this is still part of that partnership, or whether Airbnb just got ideas from that to expand their own offering? πŸ€”
@dan_fennessy interesting! I had no idea they partnered haha