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Been watching the AirBitz team for months now - they're doing great work. Keep it up!
@nickabouzeid what features do you like the most? Just curious
@coolbearcjs The paranoid side of me loves that I get to keep my own private keys local, but the Starbucks/Target gift card integrations are killer. Can't say the store directory is useful though, but not because of anything the Airbitz team can do; there just aren't enough stores that accept btc yet!
Airbitz has flown under the radar when it comes to bitcoin wallets yet they are becoming much more and their digital key security and anonymity make them a great choice for people looking for privacy. They now integrated the ability to buy Starbucks credits using bitcoin and at up to 20% discount. Yep you can get your coffee fix now and use bitcoin to get Starbucks credits at up to a 20% discount. They are integrating more brands and this makes Airbitz the killer consumer app that the bitcoin community has been hoping for. I would keep and eye out for Airbitz as they have some big announcements coming in the next 30-90 days....
Love the direction this product is headed lately.
Great team #gosandiego
@rolandal #gosincity
Great looking product Airbitz team. There's clearly still a lot more interesting innovation to come out of the wallets and middleware space IMO. A few questions: What's your take on the long term prospects for Bitcoin (especially governance, considering Mike Hearn's inflammatory post last week)? Are many of your components are blockchain-agnostic? Do you see any potential in operating wallets for other cryptocurrencies? What benefits do you think your API could provide in non-Bitcoin applications over say, a zero-knowledge but fully decentralized blockchain service like Zcash?
@vijaymichalik I think I said it well in this medium post
@vijaymichalik The edge security in our wallet is designed for multiple use cases that may or may not include the blockchain yet currently we work within the blockchain and provide a good solution for storing value in your mobile device...
@vijaymichalik Maybe...Some currencies like Tether that lock in the USD value for Bitcoin users may be a fit in the future yet we are looking to deliver to our brand ambassadors (Yes we consider everyone who uses our wallet a valued brand ambassador and not a user) that greatest value they want and need right now...Security is our first and foremost focus...Ease of you use...Everyday applications...
@vijaymichalik Good questions...Zcash could be a good fit for us if there is a demand by our brand ambassadors and the community at large...Would love to add you to our Slack team page and discuss this there Vijay...
@vijaymichalik Thanks for the awesome feedback and questions. 1. The block size debate is a short episode in the great story arch of the Bitcoin Epic. If Bitcoin is to survive and continue its anti-fragile crypto dominance, it must be tested harshly against every threat. Every perceived fault must be stressed. We are confident in Bitcoin's robustness which has been demonstrated consistently despite some profound probing of its every weakness. This will continue, and until observed otherwise, we expect Bitcoin to emerge from any damage stronger than before the encounter. 2. The Airbitz Edge Security platform is not only blockchain agnostic, it's capable of securing non-blockchain based data as well. Applications for IoT, healthcare IT, messaging, key management, secure authentication, and more can be built on our platform using the Edge Security data model. As far as supporting other cryptocurrencies inside of Airbitz, we continue to watch the space vigilantly for any other tokens/chains to reach adoption levels rivaling Bitcoin, but none are even close. We remain open to exploring this, but it's not on our current roadmap. That said, we have been contacted by a number of other teams developing their specific coin who have expressed interest in licensing Airbitz Edge Security for their own wallets and apps. We're excited to offer a data security model that represents a paradigm shift for #infosec, whether at the enterprise level or consumer level. The attention we're attracting from colleagues in the Blockchain Space interested in building on our tech is validating and further motivates us to actualize our vision for the Airbitz platform. 3. Whether a cryptocurrency is going for full anonymity or is intended to be used for enterprise/institutional settlement only, or anything in between, the question remains: "How will the private keys be secured?" Airbitz Edge Security answers this question by providing end-to-end encryption keeping the end-user (of any experience level) in full custody of their keys with automatic, encrypted backups that can even be synced across multiple devices. Many of the developers we've talked to in this space are building some incredibly cool and disruptive products, but - as is too often the case - little time or engineering effort is put into securing the most vulnerable parts of their technologies: private key storage and management. That's where Airbitz comes in :)