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Their video needs to show how it can help one be more productive while using their product. Looks neat, but I'm curious.
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@jabrueckner I totally agree with you. I think it's a fantastic product, but this marketing video is rather childish and doesn't show full potential of this product.
@jabrueckner I use a iPad pro next to my macbook all day long. I'm constantly accidentally tapping on my macbook pro screen. Showing how a touch screen computer would be more productive is a waste of time. This case has already been made with existing touchscreen devices. I am confident touch screen macs are just around the corner, until then this product is pretty interesting. I'm more curious about how accurate it is for tap accuracy on subtle movements, that would be the hardest part of this technical challenge I think.
And then you close your laptop... Ouch. Except that, it's a cool product.
@elie_teyssedou we put in a little safety buzzer that alerts you when you put your palm on the top of the display
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Steve Jobs was right. After a while, your arm just wants to fall off...
does it work for macbook pro?
Magical ✨