Touch without a touchscreen

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I like the simplicity
Do I have to wear purple gloves? ;) How does this work, really intrigued?!
@bentossell You can wear whatever colour you want! To keep it super simplified, we're emitting and picking up on invisible light, that's why we can sense almost any object. The technology behind AirBar is called zForce AIR™, here's a video explaining it and some applications for it:
Cool product! The purpleglove was really misleading 😄 Is it going to be a Kickstarter?
@tribaling @bentossell Thanks! AirBar is on schedule to be released next year, you can sign up for interest here:
Hi all! So glad for the response so far! Me and @remobehdasht are representing Neonode and will do our best to answer any questions you might have regarding AirBar!
@ohz Is it created by Neonode technology?
@tribaling @ohz That's correct! zForce AIR is the name of it, see video post above
Great idea. Really love it! (But I'm using a Macbook :P)
@p0w1nd I use Windows 10 on my Macbook and I've ordered mine :p
Coolest innovation I've seen recently! Does it heat up if you use it for a long time?