Air Umbrella

Pressurized air to protect your head from rain (pre-launch)

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FWIW, @rrhoover I'm really hoping that Product Hunt doesn't start getting flooded by Kickstarter links. I feel like products posted here should be closer to a real thing that the typical Kickstarter product is. "Pre-launch" on here should mean "With this link you can use it but we haven't officially released it" or at least "there is a definite release date" or something. End of slight bitching.
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This is a head turner. I would feel way too self-conscious using this in public. It's really cool but has a Segway feel to it (in a bad way).
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@rrhoover I worry about the effectiveness. The video only had one real product shot and it was a lab created thin shower of water.
@rrhoover Do you just spray water all over people around you? I can imagine people not being too excited by a device that soaked everyone but the owner, unless it is a super soaker.
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@rrhoover I could see this being used for art / photography purposes rather than pragmatic purposes for that very reason.
@nikkielizdemere @rrhoover Exactly, plus rain falling from the sky has a speed closer to 20mph
Isnt this just going to intensely spray whoever is walking next to you with water?
@iano that's actually the only reason why I would get this product! ;)
"And how will you manage to not look like a lunatic holding up a giant's vibrator?"
Seems like a pretty akward product to hold up in the air. @holdenbrad totally agree that it just sprays water at people around you