Route changes should be treated like mouse clicks. And they should certainly be kept out of your views.

That's we created the Air Traffic Control routing library. Air Traffic Control matches route changes to Redux actions and vice versa. You can define your routes anywhere. And it works well with React, but you can use it with any framework.

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The Airplane Mode team has been hard at work building tools to help travelers pick the best flights. Along the way, they’ve been creating tools for the developer community as well. The first is Air Traffic Control. It’s the action-based router for Redux, which they have in production usage on the React / Redux app. They gave a talk last week at Appcues, and dove into their web architecture, the Air Traffic Control router, and their motivations for creating it. I found it impressive, and I think the rest of the community will as well. 👩‍✈️🛩✈️👨‍✈️
@jacksonjonson Thanks Jackson! We created the Air Traffic Control library because we believe that route changes should be treated like mouse clicks (actions), and that routes should definitely be kept out of your views. If you believe this too, then Air Traffic Control is the Redux router you've been waiting for. It lets you keep all of your routes in one place and map them directly to Redux actions so you can keep routing logic from getting scattered across your views. With Air Traffic Control, route changes fire Redux actions, which means you can wait to load data until a user actually needs it. We open sourced this library because we believe that together, we can build better tools for rapid app development than we can alone. We'd love everyone to give it a try, send us feedback, or shoot us a pull request. Let's build the best Redux router in the world.