Air Tailor 2.0

New & improved personal tailor by text

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Awesome to be back on Product Hunt with our new exciting updates! Like Magic or Operator, Air Tailor is completely done via text. We can pretty much take on any clothing/watch/shoe alteration or repair job you throw at us. We've been working our tails off to bring Air Tailor more to life and refine it as a service that people will actually store in their contacts and use whenever. I hope you sign up and give us a try! Read what Complex Magazine said last week about us: "Lazy Boyz: Meet Air Tailor, The Text-Based Tailor Service That Will Change Your Life" Lastly, we're also official installers of Million Dollar Collar from Product Hunt back in January
@jabrueckner oh, that's awesome that you're the official installer now. I think I was the first customer to suggest that, right? :) (I used airtailor to get mine fitted and they turned out great)
@_jacksmith Yes, Jack – that's right, installing your MDC led to reaching out to them for a partnership!
These guys are awesome! you communicate via text message. so I basically took a photo of a tshirt that I had and a pinterest image of a pocket style I liked. They then told me a quote (I think was like $10 or $15) and generated a shipping label. I then sent them the tshirt and a fabric sample that I had. A week or so later, I got back my tshirt, with an awesome pocket added.
What are the big updates here?
@bentossell v1 was just about tailoring men's clothes. With version 2, they can now handle: - fixing/altering watches - fixing boots and shoes, - tailoring women's clothing. they are also launching a messenger delivery service in New York (still works via usps for the rest of the country)
Excited to see you back here @airtailor! We have been working together for a few weeks now and it has been great. Very easy, and fast! Good Luck!
@mdollarcollar Stoked to be working with you guys, and love that you have a permanent solution for flimsy collars. I look forward to watching our companies grow together.
Congrats on the new update! Any time you'll be in SF? :)
@kevnguy Thanks so much, Kevin! We are currently serving the entire country through shipping (pre-paid labels). In NYC, we use messengers. We're building up traction before we hit other cities with messengers. Thanks again!