Ink made from air pollution

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This is so amazing, I love companies that really make the world a better place, not just talk about it 😻😻
@oskar_cieslik Agreed. Reminds me of these guys Norton Point who make sunglasses from ocean plastic.
@kristofertm Nice! All things recycled are amazing, will definitely get one of those! 😀
500 years ago, The Great Architect Sinan designed The Suleymaniye Mosque's aerodynamics to collect the smoke of the candles that lights the prayer hall in a room called smoke room.All those remainings of the smoke was used to make ink afterwards.What a genius he was.This reminded me of that.
What happens to the heavy metals that are extracted from this process? Is it just shuffling around pollution?
@rdbrdd Good question, would be interesting to get a Maker on here to get some answers...
@emmanuel_lemor I agree. This product seems pretty amazing. I just want to know what happens to the actual pollutant.
@rdbrdd @emmanuel_lemor The thing that makes the particulate dangerous is its size. Its so small that it enters our lungs and eventually the bloodstream. By capturing it before it enters into the environment and binding it into inks, we solve half the problem. Second, there are heavy metals, which we remove from captured particulate before it goes for ink-making. :) Third, the present-day pigment for making black inks actually comes from burning fossil fuels deliberately- by making inks from this technique we save on that fuel burning as well. Hopefully that helps :) Did you see our kickstarter btw?
Would love to know the story behind this product.
@casielane long long ago :)
@touchaddict thanks for quenching my thirst! 💪