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Get paid $800 when your flight is delayed/canceled

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I'm a huge fan of this product! It actually retroactively finds flights for the past 3 years that you have taken, so you can get reimbursed for previous flights, as well as those in the future, just by connecting your email. Would be great to have @nicomichaelsen in here to tell us more.
My last 3 flights were all delayed and/or canceled. I've also noticed how they overbook flights and you may get half way to your destination and then not even get on a flight. I'd use this service every time this happens.
i think this is awesome product , does it work outside the US ?
@ilyashassani i think its actually more effective in Europe. At the bottom it says "The latest European regulations entitle you to claim compensation for delayed or cancelled flights dating back several years (as well as some overbooked domestic flights). Download the AirHelp app to check past flights!"
@ilyashassani looking deeper, they also have the ability to change languages and currencies in the top right of the site.
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