Air Display

Turn your iPad/iPhone into a wireless display for your PC.

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Kevin William David
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Use Air Display to turn your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a wireless display for your computer. Increase your productivity with extra screen real estate or mirror your Mac or Windows computer display to your iOS device. For Mac users, Air Display now connects up to 4 iPads simultaneously to create unique presentations. Air Display consists of an iOS app and a separate free app that you install on your computer. Both your computer (Mac or Windows) and iOS client (iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch) must be on the same Wi-Fi network to use Air Display.
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The reviews for this app are pretty negative. 2 1/2 stars and a lot of people saying it has serious negative performance effects on computers including macbooks. Does anyone have experience with it, and can vouch for it? I really want to download it but $10 is steep for potentially non-functional app. EDIT: I just downloaded and used for ~1 hour. Using to sync new Macbook Air with new iPad. The iPad has about a 1 second lag, and is very choppy. It's like video conferencing lag quality, with probably 8/10 video quality. So it's not good enough to code on, or really do work that requires responsiveness. I was using it to show Slack (chat) and have my console / command line open. Works fine for these. BUT it also makes your laptop and main screens lag! So I'm uninstalling it. I guess the 1 star reviews were justified in this case :/ Cool attempt, but we need something with better performance before its usable.
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Don't ever buy this app now that Duet Display is only $5 more. Duet Display works via Lightning Cable and has zero lag. Air Display has crazy lag and is very unreliable. Air Display used to be best in class, but it was a shitty class. Duet Display is now far, far ahead of everyone else. With Duet Display, I actually have a reason to use my iPad Air. Previously, it just sat for months at a time, dead in my bookbag. Now I use it as my third display for email, slack, messages and twitter every day.
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Josh DaleyCEO & Art Director,

This once is just like iDisplay in High Sierra. Whatever Apple did with their latest update, it stopped both these apps in their tracks. I just wasted my money on both of them. Duet doesn't work either. It will likely take some time for any of these softwares to update. Until then, I recommend NOT upgrading to High Sierra, or NOT downloading these apps.


Sounds good


Also breaks OS High Sierra & Does Not Function