10 vibrant colors, fashionable design, intuitive control, ultra-compact and easy-to-carry, all combined with the cutting-edge technology to bring you the sound from the future. With 12 hours of battery life thanks to its Super Fuel technology, you can experience superior acoustics all-day long.

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"The best wireless headphones on the market."? Without an independent test of how (at the very least) they hold connection and battery? The basic rule of thumb - you have to show _something_ for that claim. The website itself focuses mainly on color options...
@roman_dubinin Also, "on the market" typically refers to products that are available for purchase right now. For example, I cannot say that the Tesla Roadster 2 is the best car on the market because it's not being sold until 3 years from now. It might be the best car, but it's not "on the market". Same with these headphones. They may be the best headphones, but they're not available for immediate purchase and therefore are not on the market. Looks like they may be available soon though if their Indiegogo project goes as planned.
I'm very happy with my AirPods, but I'd love to compare them to these. Love the colors.
“The best wireless headphones on the market.” How do you quantify that? Claims like that tend to make me avoid products when they come from companies no one has heard of. Food for thought?
@mickc79 Companies no one has heard of? Crazybaby might not be widely known but they are far from unknown altogether.
@bleachedsleet fair point. I certainly haven’t heard of them but I’m just one guy. My point still stands; in a world where Apple, Google, Bose, Sennheisser, B&O etc are your competition, then coming out and saying you are “the best...” is silly. Especially without immediately backing that statement up.
Wireless headphones doesn't even explain what they are.
Hey this looks like earplugs not EarPods ... main question how is this different from AirPods and what all new things you bring to it except colour ... can’t see anything on the promo except the colour all through video. 😊