Air by crazybaby

Acoustically stunning wireless in-ear headphones

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So glad to see crazybaby launching this new set of in-ear headphones. These are the first ones that I'd actually want to wear all the time - unlike the really awkward-looking AirPods. Looks like they've blown past their crowdfunding goal in under an hour, so I'm glad to see that it's really taken off.
Hey Hunters! I am excited to celebrate the official launch of Air by crazybaby with all of you. Air is the world's first carbon nanotube true wireless stereo in-ear headphones. Air has top-level features such as Hi-Fi Sound, the latest CSR chip, Bluetooth 4.2, Single Button Control, In-Ear Mic with Portable Charging Pod. Our mission is to blend together the best quality design, technology, and more at the most affordable price. We believe wireless is the future of music, so we spent the last 12 months putting our passion for perfection to the test, creating the next generation of revolutionary wireless headphones. This generation of technology is a major industry breakthrough that will allow Air to have a comfortable, ergonomic design while looking, feeling and, most importantly, sounding spectacular. Be amongst the first to experience Air, and check it out at to learn more and pre-order on Indiegogo at We are excited to hear what you think. Get in touch at
Up up up you go! Beautifully crafted :)
Missed Bragi and regret it, backed this! Let's see if they can keep this aggressive delivery schedule.
EXACTLY what i was waiting for! Just got a white pair <3