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It's floating. Nuff said.
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Mr. Miyagi would be very proud🌲
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@dredurr yeah he would teach those bonsais jumping front kicks
The idea is cool but... What about the center of mass? Everything fits when it's hanging from a wire but I have some concerns about this. Are you going to calculate the position of every bonsai in order to keep it balanced?
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@knzio To add to your comment, what happens when the bonsai grows?
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@jakewesorick @knzio In the kickstarter video there is a very short (1.5-2 second blurb) that says something to the effect that "Balance is a new challenge to overcome". The idea of bonsai anyway is to enjoy nature while also influencing it. So even traditional bonsai is about modifying and assisting the tree to grow as YOU want it to grow. Being somewhat in control and somewhat out of control is part of the "Zen" that makes bonsai such a soothing hobby. So I imagine the idea of balance is something you now need to consider when controlling the growth of your bonsai tree.
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@tianhan2 of course, but it's about the execution of the product. A floating platform is some kind of a functional expression of a technology, a floating bonsai is just magical. I don't think the technological application is the value proposition here, it's what you do with it. Nice found on Amazon though!
@phuckiennguyen Oh I absolutely agree! The design, marketing and presentation of this product is definitely what differentiates it from something you can buy on amazon ;)