Mac menu bar app to track Air Quality

Air is the easiest way to keep an eye on the Air Quality Index in your zip code from your Mac. US only for now.

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I was tired of constantly always going to to check the Air conditions in San Francisco, so I made this menu bar app that will let you know the air conditions in your zipcode.
@gabriel__lewis How about a menu bar app that reports you the air condition at your current location?
This is nifty. Thanks for sharing! I also got tired of waiting for to load each time I opened the page, so I bookmarked their air quality map on my website at The direct link allows me to open the map in less than a second. It would be extra neat if clicking on this app in the menu bar brought up the BAAQMD air quality map, but I suppose that would only be useful for people who live in the Bay area.
thanks for sharing
This is great. Thanks for sharing.
cool stuff mate! 🦖