Air 3.0

Live shared videos with filters, comments and animations

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I still think live streaming is a very tough market and cant see a clear winner, or platform that is really running away with it. Facebook benefits from having the social graph already available I've not played around with Air (which used to be Superfly) but I wonder if there will be a breakout app in this space that isn't the big co's - Like Meerkat was (now Houseparty)
@bentossell not to be confused with Sean Parker's Airtime...
@bentossell this also looks a lot like Tribe. I agree with you too -- send tough to break out in this space.
Not sure why I would need to sign in using my Apple ID, but something about that doesnt sit right with me. Also, I open the app and see what looks to be four profiles, only two of which have videos, and neither were live. Not sure if it was just me, but everything seemed clunky and not very intuitive.