Augmented reality for visually impaired

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 04, 2016
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Very impressive. Reminds me of Be My Eyes, which uses humans to help visually impaired see. Although less "scaleable" the latter may help elicit empathy and bring more awareness to those without eyesight disabilities.
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@rrhoover Same thought :)
@rrhoover very true - but could be even more awesome in combination! :D AI as first line for easy tasks and Community as fallback for the harder ones.. As one of the makers of @bemyeyes I hope the new management listens in..!
It's interesting to think what this technology could do for other industries too. For example, if Shyp could identify what you're sending and give you a better estimate on the spot.
@lindsayclamb great idea! Also implement a way when pointing your device at the object you're shipping it can calculate width & height to get a better estimate as well.
Are you going to build an API?
This is so awesome! A lot of people can benefit from this 👏🏻
This is a fantastic idea, I have a few friends with sight difficulties that would love to try this app. I noticed the app itself is quite large - 134MB, can you explain why this is?
@rohit0130 Thank you! The app is large since it's hosting the entire neural network on the phone, this is what allows us to run all the image recognition offline. The net has been trained with > 10 million images, so 134MB is actually not that big :)