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Ainstein helps to create a habit of getting shit done, when it comes to online courses via small portions of lessons every day that he's pushing to you. Down the road Ainstein is going to motivate you and suggest next courses based on your interests.


  • Ángel BlancoLead Acquisition 👥∞

    The motivation system works, the content looks good and is flexible if you don't have time today for learning


    I find it hard to retain programming concepts by learning 15 - 30 min a day.

    By delivering the content you want when you demand it you make sure that you're motivated to learn. Also, you feel bad of telling Ainstain that you haven't finished your lessons, so it's another reason to finish them :)

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Ángel Blanco@angelblan_co · Lead Acquisition 👥∞
I like chatbots, I like e-learning, I like getting things done and... I also have troubles finishing my online courses. So this app was right on the spot! Good idea. What is the future of Ainstein? Is it monetized by doing something like affiliating to the courses?
Yulian Ustiyanovych@yulian_ustiyanovych
@angelblan_co Thanks for feedback @angelblan_co, really love it. Yes, doing something like affiliating to the courses.
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job. !! Does these cover all industries of education??
Yulian Ustiyanovych@yulian_ustiyanovych
@ayush_chandra not yet, but we plan to cover engineering, math, startups etc. So, mostly technical online courses.
Yulian UstiyanovychMaker@ustiyanovych · Founder
@ayush_chandra thx a lot again ;) p.s. used wrong account ;)
Yulian UstiyanovychMaker@ustiyanovych · Founder
Hey, thanks, @chrismessina, and everyone. I really appreciate it. @Ainstein has been created because of one simple problem - it's super hard to accomplish eLearning courses, because of many reasons, but the main reason, which probably everyone is aware of is "motivation" and "procrastination". So, @Ainstein is here to keep you motivated during the time of the online course and help you to do not procrastinate, by pushing you a little bit every day. The mission of @Ainstein is to become a smart friend of you, that knows all about your online education you ever took and the level of your knowledge in particular disciplines like math, engineering etc. @Asintein is your study buddy ;) Please give it a try and share your feedback ;)