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I'd love to give this a go, however, the I'm stuck at age. The app will not recognize my voice and there is no option for manual input. Is there a fix?
@janet_alexandersson Janet, this area is not known to have any issues - I'm sorry you're having trouble - should go smooth here. Can you send me your email so I can get some more information? We have not seen this in our testing and I want you to be able to use the app! Thanks, Kevin
AIMM is not a toy, AIMM is a fully comprehensive matchmaking service designed to mirror a high-end human matchmaking service. AIMM provides all of the same benefits as a human service, including holding your hand along the way, facilitating your first phone call, coaching you along the way to your date and after. It is a full service, and thus requires a time investment. You can use it five minutes a day for example when you get home. You'll enjoy using it. You'll especially love it if you are single. Our target is age 30-40, but anyone who is looking for a serious relationship will benefit. It's also the first conversational app in the App Store, you talk to it and it talks to you the entire time. Check out our new promo video which demonstrates the first stage "Getting to Know You":
@kevinteman it's also very large at 1gb download
I just tried this product and I find the on-boarding experience to be extremely normative. One thing I would suggest NOT doing is assuming the gender and sexuality of the participant. I was identified as male incorrectly and when I answered that I was into both men and women the app responded with "wow, ok... etc". Then it stated that women would like me because I am tall. This app is sadly very out of touch for 2017.
I also would like to point out the inaccessibility for people deaf or hard of hearing as the on-boarding process is strictly audio.