AIFE for Virtual Reality

Launch a Virtual Reality experience (and more) in 60 seconds

Your favorite AI-driven "everything" builder now brings your content to Virtual Reality!

Already on AIFE? Nothing new to learn, do or think about; it just works!

your website = your VR experience = your apps = your bots = your PDFs

Mind bending, we know. But that's how AIFE rolls!

All the same content. All on brand. Updated in real-time. Magic.

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Hi Product Hunt! Today we're releasing AIFE's Virtual Reality capabilities. If you already know what AIFE is about, you will know that there's nothing new to learn, do or think about. It just works with your existing content. Magic. 🧙 If you don't know AIFE, you can think of her as a fully-automated "everything" builder; just add content and AIFE will style and make it work on an ever-expanding amount of platforms, services and media. All at once and in real-time. All unique to you, your content, your preferences and your needs. AIFE is the quickest way to establish a big, interconnected digital footprint 👣 full of SEO goodness. It only takes 60 seconds to make one (getting started is free, no credit card required). Looking to capitalize on VR? AIFE turns your content into a narrated VR experience with zero work on your part. But to really make your VR experience shine, consider adding some 360 degree photography. It's not terribly hard to do and is heaps of fun to experiment with! For more info on that, as well as demonstrations check out the links here on PH, or the support section in AIFE's Footprint Management System. All AIFE VR experiences follow the "progressive enhancement" paradigm; a VR experience works on everything from laptops, desktops, mobile (using accelerometer) to Google Cardboard, DayDream, Gear/Go, all the way up to WMR, Vive and Rift. Limited movement within a scene is possible as well (use WASD keys, the touch pad on a 3DOF headset controller, or just walk around with a 6 DOF headset). We've had lots of fun developing her VR capabilities! Making her pick suitable lighting, shadowing, materials, etc. Questions? Shoot! BONUS: Use coupon code PH50OFF2019 to get 50% off for the lifetime of your new footprint (ends March 1st).
Hi all, Ivo here. Any technical questions, let me know. 😃 We're adding 3D photography support in the next few days as well! Upload side-by-side JPEGs (JPS extension) and AIFE will display your imagery in 3D where appropriate. EDIT: It's in! Documentation and example here;