Launch a big digital footprint in 60 seconds 👣

AIFE effortlessly creates, styles and hosts a big digital footprint for you;

Website, apps, email signatures, PDFs, and much more.

All from just a single set of content you control.

Tell AIFE who you are and what you need, and you're off!

Use AIFE for your next;

- startup

- crowd funding campaign

- business

- event

- profile

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This looks incredible - great to see some makers from Australia putting something amazing together 🙌🏻
@toddsoulas Thank you so much - it really means a lot!
Hi Product Hunt! I'm Renée from AÍFE.AI. We created an AI platform that creates big digital footprints on your behalf. All from just a single set of content you control. Tell AÍFE who you are and what you need. From there, AÍFE will get you started in 60 seconds! Use AÍFE for your next startup, crowd funding campaign, business, event or personal profile. Combining academic communication science theory and platform-specific best-practices, AÍFE helps you put a massive (and effective!) footprint in place with very little effort. Pivot, need re-design? It only takes seconds to re-align your entire footprint. We designed AÍFE to be the fastest, easiest and most complete way to address your specific audience. Now and in the future; AÍFE was designed to be future proof and make your content live forever. What AÍFE offers now is only the beginning - we are continuously improving and re-purposing your content for new platforms. But for you, there will never be anything new to learn or think about! You just worry about content, not about DIY designing for 25+ different platforms, services and media. Try AÍFE for free, no credit card required. Better still, refer someone else (or your whole social media following!) and get 2 months completely free when a person upgrades their trial (stackable too!). And for all you wonderful Product Hunt people, we've got a 50% off coupon "PHLAUNCH50" for your first 12 months when upgrading your trial (expires 30th of June). We're a couple from Melbourne, Australia. Partners in business and life (fun! :). For 5 years we have poured our heart and soul into AÍFE. Remortgaged our house to pay for our 2 patents. Ate more noodles and drank more coffee than is probably healthy. But now we're here! Most of all, let us know what you think. If you have any questions on any of this, please ask us anything! We love talking shop! is a great product ! My review of this product Customers 1. Great product for SMBs for all their marketing and content needs 2. Perfect for Enterprise companies for any quick content development Problems that it solves 1. As a SMB, they would want to manage and maintain entire digital footprint from one place 2. As a SMB, they would want to quickly build and iterate the content because for them 'quicker go-to-market' is important for survival Next set of problems to solve 1. Companies will be already using some tools to manage/maintain digital footprint. How to migrate to Aife 2. Since this is a self-serve SaaS product, product documentations and videos are the key
@sachinkulkarni16 Thank you so much for the thorough review. You are absolutely 💯 100%, laser-focused spot-on about everything! Luckily the tech behind AIFE.AI can ingest content from pretty much anywhere as well. So, watch this space! Know that you have just given us a spring in our step; the customers and problems solved you identified are exactly why we started this. Thank you! 😄
@aife_ai Great, all the best....
looks great
@yapeng_zhang Thank you! 😊 Any questions, just shoot!
Very cool product, do you guys have any plans to integrate into things like Zapier or Buffer?
@cellus_christie Thanks! Yes, we have plans to integrate with Zapier.
@cellus_christie Zapier integration is in! You can now send form information to Zapier for custom processing.