Aiden is everything you hoped paid growth would be. Frictionless, actionable, and ROI-positive. Automate routine optimizations, get rid of tasks, and spend more time on high-level strategy and creative work.
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👋Hi hunters! We’re excited to make our debut on Product Hunt today! We believe that marketing doesn’t have to be fragmented, nerve-wracking and manual. We’re a team of 12 machine learning engineers and digital marketers who built a better experience for anyone spending from $2k to $1m a month on paid ads on Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat. Aiden provides 3 life-saving (at the very least) features to marketers: 🤖 1. Customized optimizations recommendations across all your ads 👆 2. Single-click implementation of Aiden's recommended changes 📊 3.Unified view of your paid marketing, including campaign monitoring and editing We already work with fast growing B2C companies like Shapr, Masomo, Once and with fast-growing B2B Saas startups like Processout. Today we’re opening up our technology to teams like our own: startups spending as little as $2k a month on paid advertising and looking to take the hassle out of paid growth! It’s easy to get started with our *free 14 days trial* & no technical integration needed. We have plans for marketers of all sizes: and a great deal for all PH users too: apply the code “PRODUCTHUNT” at checkout to save 25% off any plan, for your first year. We’ll stick around all day and will happily answer any questions you could have around our product, our team, the benefits of automating paid growth 🙂 Cheers, Marie
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I took my account that was losing money on Facebook and Instragram and brought it back to a profitable level over the past few weeks, simply by setting up my target CPAs in Aiden and reviewing every recommendation it sent to me. It's been a game-changer for me and I divided the time I spend optimizing my campaigns in 3 !
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@gabrielle_larock Very happy to hear :) Thanks for sharing!
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Our team mainly advertises on Facebook and Adwords. It's much easier to see KPIs at a glance over the native Facebook interface. Great UX. Love that Aiden identifies things I would have missed otherwise. The customer service team is amazing too!
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@constance_c1 Thanks a ton Constance, it has been super exciting to see your progress so far - can't wait for the next months!
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Got to see the team work hard on different approaches before building this gem. It’s not only smart, simple. It’s simply a better way to approach paid campaign management. My approach when I see martech like this: Get on board now - tools like this raise their prices fast, so I want to lock in early days pricing! People, getting onboard latest martech is my competitive edge. You can’t win if you’re using the tools of yesterday. 👏👏👏 @cam_pj @marieoutier
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@marieoutier @guillaumecabane From the expert's mouth! And yes, we definitely think it's the way forward: let Aiden do the data gathering, the pivot-tabling, the first level of analysis and make (and action) recommendations. And focus on the strategy.
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We've been using it for a few months. Loving it so far. Great interface and supportive team members. Cheers for the great work @marie, @cam_pj and team!
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@marie @cam_pj @dannybster Cheers Dan, we're lucky to have you as a customers, your feedback throughout the early days really helped improve the delivery of the recommendations in a way that was user friendly!
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