Photo & Voice calories counter.

Tired of filling unfriendly forms for counting your calories?
All you have to do is decide for a phrase to use with Siri, speak that phrase, tell Siri what you ate and an approximate quantity or take a picture of your food we will take care of the rest.
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Jian Yang finally launched SeeFood
nice idea! does it just report the number of calories when you do a snap? I take a picture of a pear I've got in my desk and got 105. Would it be possible to give any hint of what the app understood I was picturing? Just for the user to acknowledge the app got it right...
@marcbc thanks for your feedback, we wanted to make the process as easier as possible by not wasting to much of your time, but if the users want more control, we can definitely add details in our next release.
@dragos_dobrean totally, the process is seamless, but as a first time user I was expecting more feedback from the snap itself... and that might be useful later for journaling (as in "a week ago I got 105 calories form a pear"). But I love the approach!
@marcbc we will take into consideration your feedback for our next release, thanks a lot :)
@marcbc Totally agree, did the same with a clementine and I got a black screen with 105 cal too.. I would like to have a window with the name of the food that have been recognize and an option to edit it if the AI got it wrong.
@marcbc Hey, we have implemented some of your requests, check the new update
Now you can easily track your daily nutrients intake and adjust your diet. With aical you don't have to fill unfriendly forms and search for your food in order to monitor your nutrients intake. Our artificial intelligence algorithms estimates your intake of calories, fat, carbs, proteins and fiber from a photo of your meal. All you have to do is snap a picture of your food and we'll take care of the rest. We do NOT store any of your data, our algorithms just process it, we are not using it for enhancing our services.
@dragos_dobrean For this kind of product, it wouldn't be a problem to use anonymized data to improve the app. Might want to at least add this option for the users. Not very accurate at the moment.
@bstefan We are working on improving the accuracy. As for your suggestion, we are privacy freaks, your data is yours, but we might add the ability to share your data with us to improve the algorithms if the users want it :)
@bstefan @dragos_dobrean how will you improve accuracy unless you have access to more data? If not your users' data, where will you get more training data, and what is the set that you used to train your algorithm (or are you using someone else's algorithm)?
@bstefan @chrismessina we prefer not to disclose any details regarding the implementation, but we can assure you that your data is not used :)
Fantastic! Any plans for the Android version?
@sebastian_maraloiu sure, we just test the traction with the iOS app, but Android will soon follow
Waiting for Android Version