Aibuds Translation Earbuds

Seamlessly translate 36 languages and dialects πŸ—£οΈπŸ’¬πŸ‘‚

Aibuds are wearable language translation earbuds featuring 36 languages 2-way translation, multi-lingual group translation, true wireless stereo system to present seamless over-the-air translation and listening experience.

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This is cool! Hope it'd support more languages soon. Have you ordered one of these @catherine_young?
@amrith I'm using it. We made this product Amrith. You can visit the site for more info.
@catherine_young ohh then you should've added yourself as a maker too πŸ˜… could you please add the personal handles of the other makers too?
Great job!! 😊 Very interesting concept !! Is it available for shipping to India
@ayush_chandra Yes Ayush. You can order from the website directly.
First of all - Love the idea! Making it easier for people all around the world to connect, communicate and share experiences. I'm in. Would love to see how you can get the latency down to 0s (predictions? ML? hmm...:)
@chen_friedman Hi Friedman, glad that you love it. You're right we're working to get the latency down :D
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