AI Storm Jacket

The jacket that Deadpool would like to wear

I definitely see Deadpool... but there is also a feeling of Ant-Man.
@as_austin yeah I definitely agree. Actually looking at the whole range you can spot the suit of many superheroes. Thank u!!!
AI jackets are technical products featured by integrated hood and sunglasses, providing mystery and protection like superheroes' suit.
Gotta love some of the copy on this about page: "Being protected by a shell of the future. It means seeing the world with different colors. It is the pirate jacket like some ships, discs or flags. Reaching the awareness of our own dimension of space and time."
@jasonshen i agree!!!!
if I could rock this with a full DOT thickness helmet, it would make some awesome cold weather motorcycle gear
It's a pretty sinister looking jacket. Not sure if I would rock it. Still dope though👍🤖
@dredurr It's the best if you are famous and you do not want to be noticed or if you live in a city where blizzards are everyday! Actually there is a version with anti-pollution mask. It can be useful in some Asian metropolis. I like it because it is geeky!
@ltroisi75 If I ever decide to make a trip to the top of Everest or Kilimanjaro. It will be one of my top choices of jackets... Or maybe Shaun White will wear it at the next X Games. 😀