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Hello ProductHunt! I’m back with a new resource project today and this time, it’s all about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Like last time, I spent a little more time than usual looking through some resources and learning myself, so I thought I’d sure all the great resources that I found. All of these are curated based on something that can provide value and resources that stand out from the rest. The website starts off with a few perspectives and big picture reads about AI/ML as a whole, and personally as someone who’s learning, this is really something that gets your creativity going. After that, plenty of great resources for diving in and learning what you need to know for about AI/ML on a technical level. As always, if you have feedback, simply post a comment here or Tweet/DM me on Twitter @nikvimal. Thanks! 😺
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@nikvimal I like the simplicity of the site. It is very focused and a great collection of resources. Thank you!
@nikvimal Thx for putting together this incredible resource. I found a link that is particularly very important resource for my friend.
Nikhil is putting together some impressive resource lists these days! AI/ML is of course a hot field right now, and having the resources organized in one place is quite handy.
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But then why wouldn't I use this one which was already there. Is there something new in your product?
@rahulkapoor90 I didn't know that one existed, actually. I've built a product that founders and just regular people on the internet could find with ease with there being a clear focus and balance of technical and non-technical resources to help anyone who's interested get an understanding. Judging by the repository, it's more focused to developers, less on the general public, which is great, glad all those resources exist, the more the better.
Awesome set of resources, would be interesting (and from which much of the discussion stems) to add in a section for academic research. Happy to send you over any I know of (am a cognitive science master's student, do quite a bit of machine learning, inference/knowledge and AI research)
@nicksmithr Thanks and absolutely! I can definitely add a research section in, DM me on Twitter with a few links and I'll get them added 👍
@iamredlus enjoy it you geek.
@iamredlus Hope you find it useful :)