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Andrea HillMaker@afhill · Founder, Frameplay Consulting LLC
I was so excited when @adamberk mentioned this concept to me! As aspiring founders, we're generally in love with our idea, and it can be easy to ignore or overlook big signals we're going in the wrong direction. Our friends and family may unwittingly (or intentionally) give us supportive but unhelpful feedback. The AI mentor bot combines the perspective and experience of many mentors, and it wont worry about hurting your feelings! (Unless there's some emotional API work on the roadmap I don't know about!) Like most AI systems, this will get better with more input, so please try it out!
Since we are still testing the efficacy of our robot we are going to make it worth your while. If you get to the end of a session and share the link on our trello board so we can review it, we will give you $500 if you interview 50 customers that the bot helped you define. If you have a garbage session, post it here and we will review it manually and the mentors who trained the bot will mentor you on your customer segment.
Here's an example of a session where I believe we start to add value - we lost it at the end but we are working on a way that we think fixes it (everyone, was of course the first word we trained it on - but just because it is obvious doesn't mean it is not useful)
the bot is getting good at pushing founders to pick ONE side of a market, one segment, one micro-segment - something I struggle with as a human mentor (and a human founder) - that is the highlight of this session, the place where we need improvement is building the segment back up once "INDIA" is selected... who are the people, why do they want a magazine? maybe they are retired? are they students? are they teaching cricket to their kids? are they going to games alot? are they living abroad? -- when we can do this with a bot - I believe our NPS will go to 9.
We botched this session! EVERYONE is the first word we taught the mentor about - but we forgot ANYONE -- will teach it now