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AI Cheatsheet is a handy tool to teach you all the key terminology and definitions in artificial intelligence. As a non-technical person in the tech space I like its simplicity and how it explains all the terms I often see floating around.

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Eric Bae
Eric Bae@eric_bae Β· i build, there for i am.
Nice. I created something similar a few months ago - a data science glossary - - but mine was much more specific + technical. Yours seem to target more genera public, which is quite useful! :)
@eric_bae Hey Eric, yours is really good and well detailed, something that I would use myself. Now bookmarked. Yeah the goal was for general public, to be a tool which could used in conversations.
Howard Keziah
Howard Keziah@howard_keziah Β· CEO, Impact Technologies Group, Inc.
@eric_bae Very nice. Thank you for a great resource.
Ben Bacon
Ben Bacon@docbones43
@eric_bae Hi i bookmarked your site too. very useful. Now this maybe my laptop issue, but your 'share' pop-up is missing its right hand half. and since the 'x' cant be seen, it obscures your video.
Anna Chang
Anna Chang@annajchang1 Β· explorer
@eric_bae this is great! thanks for creating. i've bookmarked it as well.
Eric Bae
Eric Bae@eric_bae Β· i build, there for i am.
@docbones43 ! let me fix that.
Hey everyone, thank you so much for upvoting and checking out the project. I made this AI cheatsheet as I have been doing tons of research with AI and how it would impact the lives of people. During my research I realized that the media uses these terms, techies use these terms but generally a lot of people outside the field don’t actually understand this stuff. An example of this is when a media article put an image of robots (always from the film iRobot) in a piece about AI - robotics and AI are not the same. We talk loads about the AI Apocalypse however majority of people outside the tech sector don’t even realize that AI powers most of their products that they use today. Education is important for this space especially if we want to talk about what AI should do and what it shouldn’t do.
Sam G
Sam G@samuelgordonm
@samuelgordonm thank you very much. I am glad that you like this!
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra Β· Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Very useful for non tech users
@ayush_chandra Ayush, thank you for your comments. That was the goal to be useful for those who may not have the technical know how.
tony carreon
tony carreon@tonycarreon
even comes with large font so my mother could read it! :) what about allowing moving from item to item with arrow keys / swiping?
@tonycarreon Hey Tony, thank you for the critique - is this directed to the mobile experience?