Ahoy News

A new and better way to read news on the Mac

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Really beautiful app, but IMO it lucks feedly support.
That loading/fetching animation is super sexy. There are some spelling mistakes on your website: “Downlaod for FREE from the Mac App Store”. Also: your claim of being 'unbiased' made me think. How do I control what sources I get? If I can't control what I get, isn't it biased by definition? Great app though, will be using it for a while. Keep it up!
At the moment, I'm using Newsfeed, which mimics the notifications center, has Feedly support, push notifications, and has a ux that is lightweight enough that I don't feel overwhelmed following 400-500 blogs at a time. I feel like Ahoy News has the potential to really outdo these sorts of competitors, but lacks a few things... - Why no pull to refresh? This is a fairly simple mechanic that might make the whole app seem less static. - Why no visual preferences for visual accessibility or typography? - Why no subject differentiation? It seems easy to get lost in a single stream. - Why no integration with Feedly or Apple News?
@terrillo Very nice work on this app, simple and easy to use, i would like more options though like bookmarking,and read offline but still a great app! @producthunt