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Gavin Ong
Gavin Ong@xx_swag_l0rd_xx · d5 0 lp
Very nice app, changed my life for the better.
Ankush Dharkar
Ankush Dharkar@ankushdharkar · Technical Founder, YUDEK
This is rad!
Alyssa Ong
Alyssa OngMaker@alyssaong1337
@ankushdharkar Thanks Ankush for giving it a go and glad you enjoyed it! :)
Milan Kragujevic
Milan Kragujevic@milankragujevic · Creator @ Popcorn Time
This is really nice, hoping to start using it to stay ahead on news. I don't have time to browse news site so this seems like a real time saver. Cheers!
Alyssa Ong
Alyssa OngMaker@alyssaong1337
@milankragujevic Yesss I get that problem too! Just too much to keep up with haha. Glad you like it :D
André de Albuquerque
André de Albuquerque@itstheandre · Host @Pioneers Show
Seems very interesting. It would be amazing if it also curated trending news by category
Alyssa Ong
Alyssa OngMaker@alyssaong1337
@andrealbuq94 Yeah you're right that would be really useful - definitely something that will be in the works!
Alyssa Ong
Alyssa OngMaker@alyssaong1337
Hi all! Filtering through various news sources can get tedious sometimes, so here's a bot that makes staying updated on trending stories and videos easy! Have fun with it and feel free to ask any questions or leave feedback :D P.S. There aren't trends for some countries at the moment so go easy :)