Turn any helmet into a smart helmet

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Teddy@teddy_lee · You Only Live Once
it's a cool product. don't have to plug in any ear piece when Im riding anymore. great stuff!!
JaeHeung Marco ParkMaker@marco_park · analogue plus
@Teddy Yeah! You can ride your bike without plugging any ear pieces! Get Ahead @ kickstarter!
Danny Aziz@dannyaziz97 · I like to make things.
Interesting, I wonder what the sound quality is like if it's using the helmet as the speaker
JaeHeung Marco ParkMaker@marco_park · analogue plus
@dannyaziz97 There are many people are curious about the sound quality of Ahead. I would say it cannot be as good as Premium audio devices. However let me borrow the words how people feel about our product after they hear it. "It's pretty good, everything is clear, feels like spherical sounds" Maybe you can refer to the Reaction Video like: https://youtu.be/-7AsA7GXmpo
joshua bradley@airjoshb · Celebrating people, making life better.
Cool add on but for a bit more you can get a Coros helmet with bone induction sound and built in mic https ://www.producthunt.com/posts/coros-...
Whitney Hummel@whitney_hummel · Founder of Hummel LTD
Wonderful idea!
It looks like a pretty good product! I often ride bicycles, I want to use it at that time!!
JaeHeung Marco ParkMaker@marco_park · analogue plus
@brian some of my colleagues have tested Ahead prototypes when riding a bicycle. In the fall, you can ride a bike with Ahead.