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AhaPitch offers beautiful, improvised and professionally formatted PowerPoint chart templates that make the process of creating charts easy and fast. Spend less time on creating charts and more time doing the work you love.
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Finally! I’ve been searching some of these charts for a while... how about a Google Slide version?
@david_handelman Thanks David. Glad to know you found what you were looking for :). Google Slides version is a great idea but due to limited functionality, not all these improvised charts can be created in Google Slides.
Brilliant data analysis often falls short of making an impact if the findings and insights can not be communicated effectively to the target audience. Your data presentation can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. The stand out professionals not only possess strong analysis skills but are also great at storytelling with data. On the other hand, novice professionals simply paste charts from native platforms into PowerPoint. Some spend hours to create charts in Excel and then paste them as images in PowerPoint. The problem with both these approaches is; even a minor change in data, labels, annotations, colors or fonts leads to back and forth corrections, duplication of work and wasted time. And if any anomalies go unnoticed, it results in inconsistent styling with rest of the PowerPoint, often enough to distract clients and make an important presentation look unprofessional. You don’t want to mess up your brilliant analysis with unappealing charts, do you? What if you could create any data chart directly in PowerPoint, in minutes rather than hours. There has to be a better way. That’s why we created this library of professionally pre-formatted, 100% data driven, ready-to-use chart templates for PowerPoint, so that you can create professional reports, dashboards and presentations quickly and deliver a visual experience that will resonate with the audience.