The Contract Platform that grows with your business.

The Contract Platform that grows and learns with your business.

Imagine a merge of Google Docs, with Word, merged with Docusign, all along within an intuitive AI driven negotiation editor.

That is Agreemint.

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11 Reviews5.0/5
Agreemint is aimed to help a new generation of individuals or business users whether you are a seasoned business manager or a millennial starting your business very young, a project manager or software tech lead or administrator or a freelancer or gig-economist or newbie who is just learning the trade. If you have ever done a contract, and ever got intimidated with the legalese to start with, we wanted to help you get your regular business contracts done in a simpler & optimized way with a transparent AI Negotiator. Using an AI Algorithmic Mediation Engine, can objectively present you with best possible outcomes in most case 3 out of 4 criteria optimized for you in every negotiation you get to do. Our aim is, Driven by AI reasoning algorithm, can become a Contracting standard for everyday regular & repeatable transactions which offers, -Intuitive Pattern Recognitions of User Preferences -Predictive AI algorithm Negotiator -Reusable Contents & Lawyer approved Language presets -Full stack ability to Generate, Negotiate, Review and Authority to get Signature approved within one single platform -Optimal, Simple & Transparent management process in reporting & compliances Check it out today, try to play around the features, let us know your comments, feedback, suggestions, improvements ,anything. We accept all the good wishes, likes and love in kind. πŸ˜ƒ
@thenu This is an exciting application of AI. Given Atrium recently raised $65m it seems AI is seriously giving the legal industry a run for its money! Just signed up and look forward to trying this out ...
Thanks @abadesi πŸ˜ƒ, I would say, this LegalTech space is just getting started for a major upgrade, AI is definitely solve a lot of delays we face eliminate the delay, and getting through a ton of paper work in no time. We are totally psyched. Let us know if you got to try out the product, happy to help if you need anything.
This is a path-breaking product, I'm sure many businesses will find it extremely useful!
@badri Thank you for the vote of encouragement. We are small scrappy start up, so support like this really helps us for sure. We will keep you posted as we continue to add features each week!
I think the idea is great. I could see how it could help developers, for example to finish contracts with customers faster.
@jurij_kulik Thanks Jurij! Nice to see the value resonating ! It can be really efficient to use, much less time and money saved.
@jurij_kulik Thanks Juri! Would love to see you use the app more in everyday transactions you may need to. Tech folks especially developers, team leads, PM's technical in nature, often get little intimated when you say a lawyer needs to review the document, in case of repeated agreements you do, It can be more efficient in getting it done in less time, on the platform & savings costs within. Stay tuned for more updates to come. Would love for you to try it out w/ your European Clientele. πŸ˜ƒ
Creative, ultimately effective approach to a stubborn problem - NDA creep. NDAs that should take a couple days end up dragging on for weeks ... but with those agreements fly thru approvals on both sides. Lots of opportunities for growth too.
Amazing product! Will be very useful for my company
@gigi_reyes Thanks Gigi for the encouragement! We are adding a number of enteprise features in our next release!
@gigi_reyes Thank you! We would love to have you try our next enterprise release version for your company! Stay tuned!