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Agraba is made to simplify Google Adwords. With keywords and ads personalized to your business, you can now get traffic, calls & leads, track & control your account from your phone . All it takes is 5 mins to get your ads running!
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********* Celebrating our PH launch and you guys get our product FREE for 7 days! ********* Hey friends, We are thrilled to be on Product Hunt today as we have been working relentlessly on AGRABA for over a year now. The reason we decided to create Agraba is that there just isn't a solution out there for anyone looking to advertise on Google the easy way. After 10+ years in the field of marketing-tech working with over 300 clients (big and small) as a service company , we feel that small businesses don’t have a real solution for online advertising. Just having a website is not enough anymore. Modern options for promoting your business on Google are either hiring an expensive marketing agency (who won’t have time for you) or spending hours trying to study the incredibly complicated Google Adwords service. We knew we had to do something... Agraba is a new startup for all businesses that are looking for an affordable and easy advertising solution. Using our AI technology, and the 33M+ businesses our machine was trained with - Agraba generates and optimizes automated ads and keywords for specific professions to get the best results with small budget campaigns. If you know a small business owner (or you are one) - let them know that finally there is a solution!
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Great product!
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Effective DIY PPC campaigns for very small business was never really cracked by anyone yet including Google itself. Small business with sub $500 monthly spend, simply can't afford the overhead of working with an agency. Yet most simply can't write a decent ad creative, come up with relevant keywords nor have the time and knowledge to monitor and optimize the Campaign. Agraba, while clearly in its early stage, seems to nicely automate both ad creative and keyword choice (for the currently supported verticals) and to optimize the campaign better than some low cost, high scale agencies. Definitely a startup worth watching!
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