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#4 Product of the DayApril 21, 2017
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Elsa Sze
Elsa SzeMaker@elsa Β· Founder @ Agora
Hello world! It's Elsa here πŸ˜‰ I'd love for you to try out Agora and here's a little story of why we created it: After my time at the Obama campaign πŸ™Œ, I realized that the strength of our democracy doesn't only rely on elections, but also the ability for any community to turn their best ideas into action. We don't lack online forums to have *more* conversations (that go nowhere! πŸ˜‘), what we lack, is to have *better* conversations. That's why we created Agora, a curation engine for human conversations. With a sprinkle of AI, Agora helps you navigate to special moments in conversations and discover insights, suggestions, sentiments, and problems that matter to you. We believe that by boosting the signal-to-noise ratio in natural conversations, we can truly empower great ideas to bubble up to the top, and be turned into action πŸš€πŸš€ We're currently available on Slack, but the plan is to be on many more messaging platforms - feel free to suggest what else you'd like to see here! P.S. @ericwills thanks for hunting us! We weren't expecting to be hunted but I'm seriously pumped to see all the love we're getting on PH πŸ’•
Jessica Jean Armstrong
Jessica Jean Armstrong@callmejj Β· UX Designer
@elsa I love your story:)
Wade Yardie
Wade Yardie@wadeyardie Β· Aussie/Jamaican upcoming developer / DJ
Great find @erictwillis
Zack Bloom
Zack Bloom@zackbloom Β· Product, Cloudflare
I was lucky enough to be working next to Agora as a fellow CRV portfolio company. One of the hardest parts of working with a growing team is making sure the ideas and observations from the boots-on-the-ground sales and support people make it to the PMs and engineers who need to make decisions. Closing that loop makes it possible to build products people love. If you don't have mechanisms in place to collect that feedback you'll never know it.
Todd Terrazas
Todd Terrazas@toddterrazas Β· nerd making a dream come true
❀️ definitely going to come in handy as our channels are getting busier.
Elsa Sze
Elsa SzeMaker@elsa Β· Founder @ Agora
@toddterrazas Todd I'm glad we can be helpful for Hans 😻
Saalik Lokhandwala
Saalik Lokhandwala@saaliklok Β· Product Manager, Maker
I'm so so excited to see Agora featured on Product Hunt! Agora is an app with a vision to help take your team's ideas into action. When you're inundated with information, but you don't want to miss out, Agora is there to let you know exactly what you need. Overwhelmed by the amount of information in your Slack channel? Give Agora a shot. πŸ˜€