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Aglet is a sneaker-themed mobile game using location based challenges that display augmented reality content in the real world, similar to Pokemon Go.
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I've been playing Aglet for the past month, it's SUPER fun. It's a great way to combine my obsession with fun shoes + gameify getting out and exploring the city (with a mask on, of course), it's fun to compete with friends on steps and getting a "lower number / original" of shoe drops. Can't wait to see how this grows and bridges the digital & physical world! Big fan!
@jacob Thanks! We definitely do what we can to make sure the community is heard. Glad to hear you're enjoying the app.
Hey PH, We recently launched our Pokemon Go inspired location based mobile game called Aglet into the App Store. It's been less than 5 weeks since launch and we've seen some amazing engagement. There's over 40,000 users already and we're selling out of digital drops right away. People are paying hundreds of dollars and buying multiple pairs of kicks in anticipation for the trading platform we plan to release over the next few months. What's been fascinating is seeing people's complex understanding of virtual goods despite many never having taken time to think about it in that regard. Our aim is not to simply be a place for sneakerheads to go, but we are looking to bring the physical and digital worlds together in a fun and unique way using maps technology. Using augmented reality technology, we see a bright future ahead. While doing so, we want to get people to start questioning the boundary between the digital and physical worlds. What is real? Since launch we've placed physical goods into the digital treasure stashes around the globe. People have won things in Australia, United Kingdom, all the way to Chicago, with new winners being announced each day. And we have so much more in store for people. Honestly, if you have time to check out the game I'd really loved some feedback. You can message me on Twitter/IG at @azeemk_ or email me at Hopefully you all enjoy and thank you for taking the time to take a look.