Create beautiful,usable & easy to integrate admin dashboards

Nice looking themes @horiasimon Feedback: I had to go 3-4 levels deep to find a "Buy" button - might want to make that easier on the site.
@edholloway Yes purchasing is 3 levels deep. I believe this needs to be shortened.
@themsaid @edholloway Yes, you are probably right. Or not :) In my opinion only an A/B test would clarify this in terms of conversions. It wouldn't surprise me if a more obvious CTA button would not improve the conversion rate...
Love it, its clean and easy to use.
@s_craper Thanks, really appreciate it!
Very impressed. Does this integrate with Stripe, Dwolla, Sendgrid or AutoPilotHQ? @edholloway I agree, the pricing was tough to get to.
@yozapli Hello, no, it doesn't integrate with any of those services.
Still like more wrapbootstrap many more things, cheaper and easier to find the buy button or the actual price, don't you think? Some of the designs look beautiful, congrats.
@deambulando The idea was to move away from products like the ones on wrapbootstrap and more toward enterprise level products that can decrease the development time and offer a solid, scalable frontend fundation for dev teams. I'm not quite there yet, but it's a good start and eventually, with time, I'll achieve my goals completely.
@deambulando I've set up a 44% discount coupon that will be available until the 6th of December :) The code is: producthunt44
@horiasimon Awesome! Thanks for the sweetened offer. Bought it.
Use the following discount coupon to get a 44% cart discount for any of the templates or bundles: producthunt44